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Acconting System

Acconting System

5 000 CFA

Published on: 20 November 2018;
Editor: Senou PUBLISHING;
ISBN: 978-2-9552447-7-7
Collection: Revolution – Accounting;
Format: E-Book and Paper;
Number of Pages: 108.
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Bravo very good choice. This book is a real gift … for a price of 5 000 Francs cfa for the hard version (paper) and Soft (E-book). You can place your order by clicking on one of its two buttons, above.

Why do you have to buy this book?

Have you already written a VAT prepayment? Have you ever written a Latent Reserves? Have you ever written the writing of an occult or Goodwin Reserves? If so, you will absolutely agree with me that these accounts do not exist in the conventional chart of accounts, that’s why we have found just to put all these accounts known and used by the accounting elites. for everyone. This book will expand I am sure your perception of accounts. Moreover, in our African countries, in this case in Senegal, some companies pay astronomical sums to their marabou. In which account would you journal this type of operation? That’s why, you should get this book and as far as possible the Dictionnaire des Comptes Zone OHADA. 


Origin and generality of the book

Origin of the Accounting System OHADA Zone 2017

The OHADA Council of Ministers was held on January 26, 2017 in Brazzaville (Congo). It validated the publication of the new Uniform Act commonly known as the Uniform Act on Accounting and Financial Reporting (AUDCIF) (including the OHADA Zone Accounting Plan). In accordance with the Conference of Heads of State and Government, this tool was published in the Official Journal on 15 February 2017. It will serve as a single accounting standard in all OHADA member states. Indeed, among the proposals of this new Uniform Act, is that of the new chart of accounts. This chart of accounts has been improved and adapted to the business environment (Companies); hence the name, Plan Comptable Zone OHADA 2017.

Presentation of the OHADA Zone Accounting Plan 2017 The OHADA Zone

Accounting System is a new purely accounting tool. It summarizes the accounting accounts, used in companies, to record the various movements and operations carried out. It is a practical and complete work tool. This is the most recent chart of accounts in a series, with more than 3,000 accounts. It offers you a series of accounts of a perfect relevance. In fact, the 2017 OHADA Zone Accounting Plan fully respects the fundamental rules of the general chart of accounts. But, it brings adaptations at the level of certain provisions. In addition, we can mention the creation of additional accounts and details on specific accounts related to the millennium professions. In addition, the 2017 OHADA Zone Accounting Plan includes a list of accounts used to keep an accounting, that is, an account number and a wording. And, each figure of this OHADA Accounting Plan, is assigned to a position allowing the preparation of the balance sheet and the profit and loss account. Finally, this book is yours. It will save you time and experience. Many attest to its relevance and efficiency (better efficiency). Get it by simply clicking on the shopping cart icon and following the instructions: click here.

General information about the book

In this book we offer more than 3900 accounts on 108 pages:

  • 3200 standard accounts;
  • 400 ad-hoc accounts;
  • 300 special accounts.

This book is more than a Chart of Accounts, it is the Professional Accounting Plan by Excellence of the OHADA Zone, the first and only one to date. It takes care to be the most accurate and best suited to the business environment in the OHADA Zone. It complies with the Accounting Reform of February 15, 2017. Moreover, it is convenient accessible from your phone, tablet, PC …

Do you want to read an excerpt from the book?

441 – État, impôt sur les bénéfices
442 – État, autres impôts et taxes
4421_Impôts et taxes d’État
4422_Impôts et taxes pour les collectivités publiques
4423_Impôts et taxes recouvrables sur des obligataires
4424_Impôts et taxes recouvrables sur des associés
4426_Droits de douane
4428_Autres impôts et taxes
443 – État, T.V.A. Facturée
4431_T.V.A. facturée sur ventes
4432_T.V.A. facturée sur prestations de services
4433_T.V.A. facturée sur  travaux
4434_T.V.A. facturée sur production livrée à soi-même
4435_T.V.A. sur factures à établir
4436_T.V.A. transférée à d’autres entités
4437_T.V.A. en suspension
4438_T.V.A. précomptée
444 – État, T.V.A. due ou crédit de T.V.A.
4441_État, T.V.A. due
4445_État, dégrèvement de TVA
4449_État, crédit de T.V.A. à reporte

445 – État, T.V.A. Récupérable
4451_T.V.A. récupérable sur immobili-sations
4452_T.V.A. récupérable sur achats
4453_T.V.A. récupérable sur transport
4454_T.V.A. récupérable sur services extérieurs et autres charges

4455_T.V.A. récupérable sur factures non parvenues
4456_T.V.A. transférée par d’autres entités
4457_T.V.A. en suspension
4458_T.V.A. précomptée
446 – État, autres taxes sur le chiffre d’affaires
4461_T.E. Taxe d’égalisation
4462_T.O.B. Taxe sur les opérations ban-caires
447 – État, impôts retenus à la source
4471_Impôt Général sur le revenu
4472_Impôts sur les salaires
4473_Contribution nationale
4474_Contribution nationale de solidarité
4478_Autres impôts et contributions
448 – État, charges  à payer et produits à recevoir
4486_Charges à payer
4487 _Produits à recevoir
449 – État, créances et dettes diverses
4491_État, obligations cautionnées
4492_État, avances et acomptes versés sur impôts
4493_État, fonds de dotation à recevoir
4494_État, subventions investissement à recevoir
4495_État, subventions d’exploitation à recevoir
4496_État, subventions d’équilibre à recevoir
4497_État, avances sur subventions
4499_État, fonds réglementés provisionnés. 

What benefit to buying this book?

Satisfied or Refunded – 24 Hours: What will happen if you buy this “OHADA Zone Account Dictionary” book, but you are not satisfied. You must contact us and you will be refunded in full within 24 hours!

Compliance of the book: The book is fully in line with the rules currently in force in the sub region. It is important to underline that it takes into account the reforms of the year 2018.C

People: What do they think of the book?

Mister Ndiaye:

Your book “Account Dictionary – OHADA Zone” helps me a lot, I have seen nothing so practical as a book in accounting.
I really do not regret having bought it.

Mister Madiagne SARR:

Hello my dear Mr. Senou!
Like accustoming I just got your latest book, the Dictionary of Accounts – OHADA Zone. Yes, I confirm you are really good, because writing such a book is genius. It is a book that comes in addition to all the accountants in the accomplishment of their tasks, and their duties too. I have not fully traveled yet but it edified me on many aspects. I would really like to meet you, I beg you to do me this honor.
Thank you in advance.

Mister Ismaïla BA:

Thank you my dear CHACHA,
Yes thank you, for having delivered all our secrets in your book “Dictionary of accounts”. But frankly, it’s really exceptional. And long life to you, I touch wood! You’re just crazy! I wonder how you do? More than a book … It’s a guide. ”
General manager
Atlas accounting firm.

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